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Since I had so much fun in reading Gonzalo Goded his sayings about his non-bridge playing friends, I thought it might be time for some bridge anecdotes again. This can be something you experienced yourself or something others did, for example something funny or something embarrassing.

Now, because I brought it up, I will start with something embarrassing that can only be blamed on me, myself and I (so sad but true, can't make it less embarrassing for myself).

A couple of years back I went visiting a good friend in France for a week and one day we went playing bridge at a local club. Just a tiny detail is that she played for the French team so she had some reputation to keep up high. Well, that was something my brain was telling me so I decided to try really hard not to make any mistake.

After a few boards I was like: "this is not going bad at all" and my nerves that usually are bugging me while playing, even left me alone.

Then this board came up where the opponents couldn't decide whether spades or hearts would be trump, You recognize those biddings, where it goes: ", ,... I said , no no  we play, why can't you listen?!  is what we play!" ... (this, of course, is without sound..)

At the end they finally agreed to play a small slam. I looked at my hand and saw something like Qxx xx xxxx xxxx. Interesting hand, right? So I played a x from whatever minor and the trick was for my dear partner. In dummy was something like 2 hearts and most important AKJxxxx of spades but no entrees besides a heart since declarer didn't have spades. The second trick was for declarer and he started to draw 2 rounds of trumps followed by a 3rd trump lead with the idea to end up in the dummy.


And then here comes that brilliant moment that my brain abandoned me and went fooling around, telling me: " is trump, is trump, ruff it, do it.." A shock went trough me and I was thinking: "did he really first play hearts instead of drawing trumps?!" And there, in that second of my Eureka moment, my hand grabbed a low spade card and put it on the table, thinking that I just ruffed the heart trick and played them down. Weird seeing me as the only one that counted the trick as ours. What just happened? And then I realized what I just did. Who else on this planet ever tried to ruff the trump suit?! What was I thinking!

Now note, when I do something silly and I notice it, my face becomes as red as an huge tomato Embarassed. That should tell you all how good I will be at the poker table.. So the result was that they made a 6H that was cold for going down just because I had to ruff the trump suit so badly! My nerves were back btw.. For the rest of my stay in France I was being called Trumpyruff which, to be honest, I deserved.

To end my embarrassing moment I like to share the story on the last board where I overcalled a 1 with 2 Michaels red against white. I only had like 4 points in my hand but I had to try to compromise that bad 6 made with something. My heart almost jumped out of my throat when I heard my dear friend bid 4 annnd RHO: DOUBLE. "Oopsy-daisy".. really, at that moment you could use me as a lighthouse on the coast of France. I can't even remember what cards she had or how it was played etc. I havn't seen it because I was too busy trying to shrink as tiny as possible so nobody could see me. And my light giving face didn't help much either. Embarassed

Can you imagine how happy I was when I saw that my awesome partner made it Laughing Of course no surprise that we were the only pair in 4 and even made it! Innocent When at her place again, my friend of course couldn't resist making the comment of: "No one bids Michaels with that crap Trumpyruff!" And yeah, I couldn't agree more with her Wink


Edit: And then I didn't even mention yet the struggle I had with the French deck of cards...

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