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One of the motivating reasons for starting Bridge Winners (BW) was to create a centralized place where new bridge products could reach their target audience quickly. An example is the new money bridge website: Bridge Big.

You will notice the new module on the right-hand side that lists the available games that can be played on Bridge Big. We encourage all of our members to try out their software for free or if you've got a little gamble in you; perhaps take advantage of our 100% sign up bonus up to 500 Euros (code: Bridgewinners) and play in some of their money games. We have gotten to know the owners of the site over the past few years. They are great ambassadors for the game of bridge and we hope they are successful in their business venture.

These guys have come up with a cool concept for how to award prizes while minimizing any possiblecheating. All of their games are played as individuals. You enter without a partner and play anonymously against other people. You never know who you are playing with or against. Currently they offer three game types:

1) Cash Games

Cash games are perfect when you have just a few minutes to play. You join the game, specify what stake you would like to play for, and sit. You can leave at any time so there is no real time commitment.

2) Round-The-Clock Tournaments

The newest addition to their product line are 10 board tournaments. These can be played at any point during the day. Once you register you have a specified amount of time (up to 12 hours depending on when you register) to play your 10 hands. They are a lot of fun and one of our more popular choices when we have some time to play.

3) Sunday KO

Their KO tournament is held every Sunday. It is a matchpoint tournament where they cut the field down after each set of boards. This tournament has a nice prize pool and is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You can enter directly for 75 euros or try to qualify in one of their 15 Euro satellite tournaments run throughout the week.

We hope our members enjoy the convenience of having their games available on our site and look forward to people sharing hands and stories from their money bridge action on BW.

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