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Bridge Camp Video Concept

And sometimes we play bridge!

That's the title for a 30 second video idea. I don't have the ability to shoot it, so it's up for grabs. If you are a video making enthusiast and are going to attend a bridge camp this summer this should be do-able. Cast:  four boys or girls middle school, or high school, or college age (<22) who are dressed like soccer players and look like they do that when they are not playing beach volleyball or doing gymnastics. Supporting cast:  same age group and maybe an adult onlooker who form the kibitzer corps. They don't have to be as fit as the players, but if not they might like to be.

Sound track = pick one, any Spanish language GOAL e.g.

Cast is playing a hand of bridge in a small slam. Subtitles match the bridge and the sound. First, "And she's done it, she rectified the count..." then excitement builds as player executes a squeeze and makes the contract.  "Goooooaaaaaallllll"  Opponents give respect. Kibitzers go wild. Scene.

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