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Bridge Hand Database Sofware

There are relatively good quality bridge vugraph files available for high level play.  Is there any bridge hand database software that allows us to search these hands?  For example, let's say I want to search the vugraph archive for every 5-0 trump break in the Vanderbilt, can I do that?  Can I search every hand opened by Greco-Hampson that starts 1C-2C.  Perhaps I'd like to see examples of 3NT gambling openers.  Maybe I'd like to look at every hand Fantoni-Nunes opened 2S so I could examine when they bid and when they passed.

Does such a bridge hand database software exist now?  Would there be interest in it?  I know bridgebrowser was around for awhile and used many hands from OKbridge and BBO to allow some kind of searches.  I'd prefer "cleaner"game files using only high level tournament deals.


Does anyone know of any software that can aggregate vugraph, pbn, or other bridge hand files and allow searching based on holding, player names, or auctions? 


I know this was probably available in bridgescore+ and the ACBL decided to scrap it ;-). <jk>

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