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Bridge in modern media: Kotaku article and BFF Youtube Series

I wanted to highlight a couple of recent bridge exposures in potentially good sources of new players to bridge that many of us have talked about before (pre-retirement and young adults).  I think they possibly relate to each other as well.

The first is an article about bridge from kotaku.  For those who might not know, kotaku is a well known mainstream video game website owned and operated as part of Univision.  When people ask do gen-x and millennials play games, and complex games at that, the answer is yes, but usually either video games or strategy board games, and less often bridge.  Gita Jackson is a Kotaku staffer who wrote about her experience enjoying playing bridge when she played it after it was finally taught more correctly to her.  The article is at  In the first two hours of publishing already has many thousands of views and several dozen comments (some of the comments about the picutre being not of bridge, but of poker from Casino Royale).  I'll note that the problem that Gita identifies is not that bridge is too complicated, it is that when she was taught it by her mom and aunt they used too much jargon without explaining it properly.

Following up on the problem, and using the medium of video, there was the recently launched set of videos Bridge Friends Forever (BFF) on youtube at channel (Link to the playlist of videos: These are high production value very friendly introduction to bridge by bridge player Elena Grewal.  The most center target demographic is probably these exact gen-x/millennials, but really for anyone learning the basics of bridge these videos are quite accessable, entertaining, and sufficient to teach bridge in 10 videos with a total running time of about 30 minutes.  Reviewing these videos would have likely helped people similar to Gita.

Sources for people to think about when trying to expand bridge, and resources for people to consider sharing to others that might be new to bridge.

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