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This past weekend, I read a short story by the science fiction author, Larry Niven, called "Flatlander". Although I read it this past weekend, it was written in 1967. It was set at an unspecified time, but clearly at least several hundred years into the future. In the story, a minor plot point involved bridge. The protagonist meets a new acquaintance, who invites him to spend the weekend at his house. Upon accompanying the new acquaintance to his home, and meeting his wife, the wife almost immediately says "I should call someone up to come over, so we'll have a fourth for bridge".  The person called turns out to be someone who the protagonist had encountered before, but does not know, and who ultimately turns out to have a key role in the story. To me, the point of interest was that an author in 1967 considered it fairly routine to use "inviting a fourth for bridge" as a commonplace form of social interaction. Alas, I doubt an author writing a similar scene today would use bridge as a way to move the story forward. At least someone is optimistic about bridge thriving several hundred years into the future :).

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