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Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?

“Bridge is sixty percent bidding”; thus goes a famous quote attributed to Benito Garozzo (1927), thirteen times world champion and arguably the best bridge player of all times.

To what extent is Garozzo right: what is the ‘share’ of bidding in high level bridge results? With this I mean: the part of one's imp balance to be accounted for by bidding rather than play, both declarer play and defense. However, I propose we not get lost in subtleties of definition (which I understand are arguable). What I really mean: is for bridge results bidding a lot more important than play, a bit more important (as Garozzo claimed), of about equal importance, or is play more important?

Bridge is more than 60% bidding.
Garozzo is right: bridge is about 60% bidding.
Bidding and play contribute about equally to results.
Bridge is more play than bidding.

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