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Bridge Magazine RIP?

Bridge Magazine commenced publication in May 1926 and, with the exception of a hiatus from October 1939 to December 1948, has been published monthly ever since (Ewart Kempson, the editor from 1950 to 1966, claimed that a dummy issue had been published each month during the period of absence but I am not aware of any independent evidence to this effect).

The last paper edition was that for June 2013 and, for the past 4½ years, the magazine has been published electronically.  Sadly, its future is now in doubt: the cover for December 2017 announced "Final issue" and the editor (Mark Horton) commented as follows:

"For the last few months we have been working on a new model of Bridge Magazine. It was due to launch in January 2018, but the owners have announced that before they can continue funding the production of Bridge Magazine they need to see that a satisfactory business model has been established and the number of subscribers for what would be a free magazine makes it worthwhile for all concerned. For updated information please visit or contact the Editor at You can how this magazine would have appeared at"

The new format looks very attractive and it will be a great shame if the magazine comes to an end.

I have no connection with BM, though I have written a number of articles for it in the past, but I urge BW readers to contact Mark Horton and to express their support for the continuation of the magazine.

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