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Bridge Psychology: Positive Energy

One of my poker-playing friends has a theory about poker.  He feels that if you visualize a bad card coming, it will come, and similarly with good cards.  I, on the other hand, am not a spiritual person.  I don't believe that the shuffle could possibly be affected by my "aura".  I do, however, believe strongly in the importance of Positive Energy.

Bridge, like poker, is a game which without notice, can present you with logic problems that need your full attention. It is nearly impossible to play your best when you are focused on thoughts like, "I can't believe they just bid that slam!" or "That was such a great contract, it was so unlucky that trumps broke 5-0", or even "Why did I bid 4 on that hand? I knew enough not to do that."  In particular, negative thoughts about how badly partner is playing must be avoided.

Negative energy is not only distracting, but may also cause you to make bad decisions.  When bidding a bridge hand, don't think to yourself, "All my finesses are losing today."  Thoughts like this will prevent you from getting to the best contract. Similarly during the play, there are certain hands where you need to assume cards are in particular places in order for you to get a decent score.  In cases like these, maintaining clarity of thought can make the difference.

At the end of the day, bridge and poker are games of math.  There will be positive and negative variance over the course of a session, day, or year.  The important thing is to stay positive in order to ensure that you make the best decision possible at each turn ... that is what the best players in both games are able to do.

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