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Bridge regrets

I don't regret the many inferior bids and plays that I have made and certainly don't regret having played bridge according to the Laws/regulations.

Nor do I regret missing out on what may have been my best opportunity to play in a major open championship, declining to take part in the final stage of the British trials when the British Bridge League changed the rules halfway through (the first stage contained five teams with four to qualify for the final stage; the BBL interpreted this as meaning four or more and decided that all five would play); as well as this, one of my team-mates was unwell and pressure was put upon me to accept a substitute whom I regarded as not up to the mark.

And I don't regret having not played for over four years.

What I do regret is that my interest in the history of the game did not develop earlier.  When I started playing (almost 50 years ago), there were still people around who had been there when contract bridge was in its infancy, and I missed a number of opportunities of talking to them.  If I had known then what I know now, I would have known the questions to ask.

What bridge regrets do others have?

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