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Bridge Stories and Jokes

I thought it was time to start a thread about bridge stories and jokes.  

My dear, departed friend Paul Heitner insisted this was a true story:

He was a student at RPI (Rensalier <sp?> Polytechnical Institute way back when.  

He and two others were seeking a fourth for bridge in the Student Union.  Their calls were answered by a 12-year-old who stated that he could play bridge.

So they asked him, 'how do you play bridge?' and he replied, 'you bid what you have the most of.'  That was good enough for them and they all sat down at a table.  They had the youngster deal and then...

He looked at his cards.  He looked at the table.  He looked at the ceiling and the walls and the floor and finally he said,




This is the bridge joke I used to tell to my beginner students:

Three privates and a general sat down to play bridge.

The auction proceeded:

First private: 1nt

Second private: pass

Third private: 3nt

General: 1c

Pass pass pass!


Your turn!

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