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Bridge Trivia Quiz - Answers and Results

Congratulations to David Burn, who not only answered all 12 questions correctly but moneyed the 5 hardest ones for the maximum possible score. Second place went to George Stone, who missed one question but chose better money questions than two other players who got all 12.

Thanks to the 200 people who participated in this Trivia Quiz. Full scores can be found here. Entries with no associated name, or clearly fictional names, were thrown out. If you felt you moneyed a question but it didn't show, you probably moneyed more than 5 questions -- as mentioned in the rules, only the first 5 money questions were registered. (Nearly 15% of respondents moneyed more than 5 questions.) Also, I had to throw out some answers with the correct last name because a clearly incorrect first name was added (e.g., Cornelius Vanderbilt).

Thanks again to the author of the quiz, Raymond Miller, and to the commissioner of theLearnedLeague for permitting me to repost the quiz here. The LearnedLeague is an invitational-only online trivia community with roughly 1 trivia quiz a day on all sorts of subjects. Most players are not bridge players, which explains the discrepancy in results. Further information on it can be found at

The questions, answers, and stats:

1. In what 1956 Ella Fitzgerald cover of a 1936 Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields song would you find the lyric “I might as well play bridge with my old maid aunt.”?

A FINE ROMANCE(16% correct, 12% in LearnedLeague)

2. He lived from 1933 to 2009, he was a Radio Quiz kid in 1942, the youngest life master in the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) in 1952. He won 15 North American major team championships and 3 Bermuda bowls playing as a member of the team captained by Nick Nickell. Who is he?

RICHARD FREEMAN (68% correct, 9% in LearnedLeague)
Most common wrong answer:PAUL SOLOWAY (15%)

3. In 1952 this author published "My Lady Love My Dove" in the New Yorker. Later this story, about the Snapes cheating the Beauchamps at bridge was republished in the collection "29 Kisses". What is the name of this author?

ROALD DAHL(15% correct, 12% in LearnedLeague)

4. Even the great Hercule Poirot played bridge. Mr. Shaitana hosted a bridge party of 4 sleuths and 4 suspected murderers, and was killed for his efforts. What is the name of this Agatha Christie mystery that introduced recurring character Ariadne Oliver?

CARDS ON THE TABLE (21% correct, 9% in LearnedLeague)

5. In 1962 Terrence Reese, the great British bridge player, developed a bidding system to counter the highly artificial Italian systems of the 1950's. A One club opening showed hearts and a 1 diamond opening showed spades. What was the system called?

LITTLE MAJOR(68% correct, 9% in LearnedLeague)
Best wrong answer:CHEATING

6. This fictional character, whose creator died in 2000, was named an honorary Life Master by the ACBL in 1997. He is more famous as a pilot and an iceskater.

SNOOPY(39% correct, 42% in LearnedLeague)
Most common wrong answer:JAMES BOND(5%)

7. Who wrote this note after returning form a 1925 voyage on the USS Finland: " To my friends, Frederic S Allen, Francis M Bacon 3rd, Dudley L Pickman Jnr, to Whose Co-operation is Due the Evolution of Contract Bridge Scoring."

HAROLD VANDERBILT(76% correct, 18% in LearnedLeague)

8. John and Myrtle Bennett played an evening of bridge, losing to Charles and Myrna Hoffman. What infamous event occurred at the end of the evening?

MURDER (MYRTLE SHOT JOHN) (95% correct, 35% in LearnedLeague)

9. Terrence Reese, in his book "Masterplay at Contract Bridge", described 3 different advanced squeezes. Name one of those 3 squeezes.

VICE, WINKLE, STEPPING STONE (54% correct, 9% in LearnedLeague)
Best wrong answer:A HUG

10. He produced The Magician, Mission Impossible, and Mannix. He accumulated over 35,000 masterpoints before being slain in an unsolved murder. What is this television producer's name?

BARRY CRANE (COHEN) (87% correct, 15% in LearnedLeague)

11. When playing a foursome of bridge there are two main scoring systems that are used. One is rubber bridge. The other is named after a U.S. city. What is the name of this city?

CHICAGO(98% correct, 36% in LearnedLeague)

12. She is a world champion bridge player, the editor of Bridge Conventions Complete, and a judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit. What is her name?

AMALYA KEARSE(75% correct, 9% in LearnedLeague)
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