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BridgeBee Seeks Content Creators

The following is an article sponsored by BridgeBee.

Open Call for Content Creators

A brand-new app called BridgeBee is looking for content creators.

What is BridgeBee?

BridgeBee is a curated library of interactive bridge lessons. A user can select their level and subject of interest and start playing hands based on that specific criteria.

We need hand creators who can do one of the following:

  • Create sets of unique hands on a particular topic/level.
  • Translate published material into hands (with publisher permissions that we have already gained – there will be no copyright infringement).

Author compensation for hand creation is $10 per hand. Ideally, each set of hands or lesson on a certain topic would contain around 10 hands.

Listed below are some sample hands by Philippe Cazabon, a 24-year-old Chilean Master player. This should give you an idea of how the app works from a user perspective. The first hand in each set is free, so you can just click the blue “Play” button – no need to log in.

Endplay Galore:

Advanced Card Play – Part 1:

Ideas for Self-Promotion

  • One author, Stuart Terry, is promoting his book Matchpoint Defense with a set of hands that can be found here:
  • Another author and well-known teacher is creating hands and bidding problems for a membership club. These hands will go along with their weekly emailed lessons.
  • A few teachers are creating hands as “homework” or extra practice. This also helps if a student misses a class. The student can practice BridgeBee hands to catch-up.

The app is in beta, so if you see an error, we probably already have it fixed on the back end, but we would still love to hear any feedback!

Ask questions here and email if you're interested!

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