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Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette

I am interested in finding out about the correct use of Bridgemates from a point of view of WHEN details should be entered.

I am not sure if there are any rules or guidelines dealing with this, but would appreciate some opinions:-

1) Should the info (board number, contract, by whom, lead) be entered immediately after the opening lead?

2) If dummy has the Bridgemate, should they table their hand first and then enter (and not the other way around)?

3) Is it acceptable for a player to interrupt the play to enter Bridgemate info sometime during the play of the hand?

4) If there is an impending time issue, is it reasonable (or correct) to ask an opponent not to enter any info until the completion of the hand? And should that opponent be obliged to do so?

5) Has anyone had any personal experience problems with their opponents around any of these issues?

(I have not treated this as a Poll, preferring instead to have people express their views).

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