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Brogeland Wins Lazard Sportsmanship Award

Boye Brogeland has been named the winner of the 2016 Sidney H. Lazard Jr. Sportsmanship Award. The award was established by the late Sidney Lazard in honor of his son who died in 1999 at the age of 41 after a long battle with cancer. The object of the award is to enhance sportsmanship among top players and salute those who try to win with class and dignity.

In a statement, the award selection committee wrote:

"It is with great sadness that this year the committee was required to decide on our recipient under the shadow of the passing of our friend and founder of the Sportsmanship Award. Sidney was a giant whose abilities and ethics were only matched by his love for the game. In truth, there would have been no greater candidate than Sidney, himself. Since he never would have allowed that, we have chosen the sportsman that we feel Sidney would have himself selected.

"Never one to shy away from controversy, Sidney was always a champion of those who fought for 'his' game with passion and integrity — the rare few who were prepared to risk great personal loss for their principles. This year one such hero has stood tall, leading the charge to eradicate cheating from bridge. We appreciate that the cases Boye uncovered have yet to be closed, and our selection is in no way an attempt to prejudge legal issues. We are acknowledging his integrity, passion, courage, and steadfastness, which we believe stand him shoulder to shoulder with the greats in the history of our game and are the embodiment of the values for which Sidney initiated the award."

Upon being notified of the award, Brogeland commented, “To receive a prize for sportsmanship is truly an honor. I find dignity, generosity, and respect to be core values of our wonderful game. Fair play needs to become more than a slogan; it’s something we should strive for every time we pick up thirteen cards just as Sidney Lazard and his son did. Their sportsmanlike spirit lives on and will continue to inspire bridge players of both today and tomorrow. The last months we have been reminded that winning certainly isn’t everything, more important is how we play and treat the game.”

The award will be presented at the Hall of Fame ceremony at the Summer NABC in Washington, D.C.

The selection committee members are Steve Beatty,Zia Mahmood, andSteve Weinstein.

Past Winners of the LazardSportsmanship Award:

2015 Howard Weinstein

2014 Bob Hamman

2013 Benedicte Cronier and Sylvie Willard

2012 Michael Kamil

2011 Betty Ann Kennedy

2010 Roy Welland

2009 Peter Boyd

2008 Giorgio Duboin

2007 Seymon Deutsch

2006 Ralph Cohen

2005 Nick Nickell

2004 Lynn Deas

2003 Larry Cohen

2002 Rose Meltzer

2001 Paul Soloway

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