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Buffett Cup - non-operator-related issues

There have been a plethora of articles/threads about the 2012 Buffett Cup with the vast majority focusing on vugraph operator issues. I'd like to start a new topic that not only consolidates non-operator issues that have been mentioned elsewhere but also introduces new items.

Scope: Limited exclusivelyto issues that affect people not at the venuethat are NOT related to operator ability to enter bidding/play/result. Note that there are some items that affect operator, but hopefully only for table setup.

Goal: Identify issues and possible solutions to improve futureBuffett Cup communication/presentation


Some of these entries are generic to allvugraphpresentations, but it can't hurt to include them specifically forBuffettCup.

I make no claims that this list covers all necessary topics. My hope is that it will trigger input that fills in gaps.

I know this is long[winded]



01 Web Page is inconsistent about the name of the competing teams.

01a Clairfy if the event is Europe vs North America or Europe vs USA. If NA/USA is variable then document that fact.

02 Web Page needs to improve communication of the scoring

02a In particular, a vast majority of viewers don't understand BAM/Point-a-Board [I leave discussion of choice of a different format to a different thread]

02b Throughout the 2012 event opinions varied as to how much of a difference was needed to win a board. In North America all BAM events define difference of 10 as a win, but [I'm told] in Europe they use the first step of the IMP scale so that a difference of 0-10 equals push/tie and 20 is needed to win the board.

I suppose it is possible that definition of a board win varies depending upon which side of the pond is hosting the event [old time followers of golf know about this from the early television days of The [British] Open. but i digress

The web page needs to clearly define what the Buffett Cup event considers a board win.

02c It would help all if there was something like a matrix to show how comparisons are made during each session.

02ci For re-use, one idea is to use generic Pair Identfiers [example: Euro1, Euro2, ... Euro6 vs USA1, USA2, ... USA6 then specific year Team Roster defines the relationship to actual players and the generic ID

This isn't optimal during actual play since we would need to refer to the web page, but it could be a reliable reference

03 Have vugraph tables opened such that the table title from within the room makes it clear which 2nd table is being used for comparison

04 Changes to format need to be proactively communicated. This includes, but isn't limited to: change in number of boards, addition/removal of a format, changes to total points needed to win the cup. [All 3 of these adjustments were made after play began in the 2012 event]

04a broadcast to all live tables once decision to make change has been made

04b email all commentators that have already done or have signed up for future sessions for that year's event

04c add very visible entry to the BuffettCup home page

04d send email to all who have signed up to automatically receive newsletters

04e try to get update entered into This is especially useful to people who are automatically updated when following a topic/thread.

05 Changes that affect the posted schedules need to be proactively communicated.

05a get BBO to update their posted schedule. Ideally they could do this in a way that boldly highlights last minute changes

05b add very visible entry to the BuffettCup home page

05c try to get update entered This is especially useful to people who are automatically updated when following a topic/thread.

05d have someone announce start time for next session [ex: 1-organizer, designated commentator [written & voice], operator for each table ...]

06 Flags -- assumption: it is wrong to display USA flags but none for European players

06a Buffett Cup organizers and/or team captains need to agree which flag(s) to display for mixed-country teams [refer back to question about whether one team is North America or USA].

06ai use a generic flag for [as in golf's Ryder Cup]

06aii use player specific country flag

06b Absent software changes from BBO, this does affect operator but this is within the defined scope

07 Player Names - BBOplayer name field is fixed length.

[this section absolutely affects operator, but within scope of the thread]

07a Organizer/Captain/Player needs to define how players name is entered when BBO field is too long to enter entire name. Example: Netherland's Ricco van Prooijen. BBO field can't handle "van Prooijen", so should operator enter Prooijen, vProoijen, v Prooijen or something that truncates letters from end of Prooijen. Similar problems may arise for players with names that include "van", "von" or hyphens.

07ai if single name is just too long, define whether to just truncate or use some pre-approved shortened name [nicknames should NOT be used]. But repeat of something like "trend" for "trendafilov" is unacceptable - especialy since the entire name fits into the bbo field

07b If at all possible, it would be beneficial to get operators to enter players Full Name to the BBO Player Profile

08 Convention Cards

08a Generic convention cards for both teams must always be available [in 2012 they were on the BuffettCup page before play began, but lost when a link was created to show bridgewinners CCs

08b patnership convention cards should be provided for all partnerships well in advance of the start of play

08bi confirm that the entire CC is posted [in 2012 some WBF CCs had only 1 of a minimum of 2 pages]

08bii CC must be ACBL or WBF variety

Future discussion may chose one or the other

08biii USBF SSF [System Summary form] is not sufficient to meet the requirement

09 Commentators

09a try to have at least 2 written commentators for every room

a few can take care of a room on their own, but nobody prefers that arrangement

09b when voice is being used, try to have at least 2 commentators.

As with written, some can handle a room on their own, but nobody likes to fly solo.

09c proactively try to let commentator know which room to go to

09ci some commentators will have a preference based on team or pair. this can definitely be handled prior to start of play

09cii some commentators like/dislike working with other commentators

09d identify login name of someone at venue that will always be online to help commentators with problems/issues

10 Future Events

10a Web page should have a tab that shows the dates/locations of future events

multiple threads on bridgewinners mention the 2014 venue, but nothing on BuffettCup web page

10b consider some form of video display of at least one table [example: livestream]

10c consider use of player entered official results

10ci feed this information automatically to a scoring page

10d quality presentation of a subset of tables is far better than presenting all rooms with unreliable information displayed to table/historical record

11 Web Page - miscellaneous

11a clarify Warren Buffett's involvement [ex: donated cup but not involved in funding or organization ...]

11b clarify how team rosters are determined

11c clarify financing

11ci players: totally voluntary, travel/room/board expenses covered, attendance fee, etc.

11cii source of funding

11ciii things covered/not covered by sponsors [example: operators]

11d provide contact information for vugraph coordinator

unclear if this should be visible to all or just commentators

11e provide contact information for vugraph operator coordinator

11f provide contact information for owner of web content

12 Operators [couldn't be totally avoided]

12a edit profile so we know who operator is

12b explain to operators need to communicate with commentator

[yes, this could be easier if they ONLY see chat from commentators]

12bi verification/correction of result

12bii correction of auction

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