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BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries

Below are our conclusions—but we want to leave this up for a week before publishing a “final” version.

For either “SHAPE” or “STRENGTH,” though not technically part of 2/1 GF: Presume limit raises, inverted minors, RKC 1430. An UPH 2NT response to a major is Jacoby 2NT. The 2/1 Response is 100% GF. It wasn’t in the polls, but we suggest that a 3-level response in a lower-ranking suit be played as a decent 6+ card suit, invitational. This applies to 1-3, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3.

Though it requires more than a KISS approach, Non-Serious 3NT is recommended. Use this simple definition:

In any game-forcing auction, if the previous bid was 3M and an 8-card major-suit fit is guaranteed, then a control-bid above 3NT is a serious slam try, while 3NT shows something more than signing off in 4M.

Summary of “SHAPE”

Opener’s priority on the rebid is SHAPE:

  • Rebid of 2M typically shows 6+ (any strength).
  • Reverses (and “high reverses”) don’t show extras.
  • Rebid of 2NT typically shows 5-3-3-2: no small doubleton in the unbid suit.
  • A minor can be raised with only 3-card support and a minimum.

Summary of “STRENGTH”

Opener’s priority on the rebid is STRENGTH:

  • Rebid of 2M is the default (can be a so-so 5-card suit).
  • Reverses (and “high reverses”) show extras.
  • Rebid of 2NT shows “classic” stoppers/shape.
  • Raising a minor shows 4+ card support.
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