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BW 2/1 System - Potential Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Larry Cohen & Bridgewinners efforts to construct a 2/1 system that new partners can utilize to "sit down and play" is a great concept. I remember many years ago, when I often would travel to tournaments for peanuts (commercial pilot husband; thank you very much). It wasn't that tough to say "standard american" to a new pard - and then sit down and play with most disasters due to poor choices rather than "what on earth does that bid mean?" moments.

Today, however, after looking at Lord knows how many varied (and emphatic!) responses to fairly simple auctions, I wonder if this thoughtful and hopeful project is but a chimera. Has modern bidding just become too complex? Are there few "straightfoward" agreements and meanings in 2018?

Let me know what you think!

It's just too tough. Wave the white flag, guys.
Of course it's possible to create! Don't be a party pooper, Bundy.
Perhaps rudimentary auctions and bids can be assigned agreed upon meanings - but all the rest would take additional discussion by new partners.
Maybe different versions of Bridgewinners 2/1 would work? Entry level BW 2/1? I've got 8 national titles and 2nd in the BB 2/1? Etc., etc?

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