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BW Site Improvements

Hopefully you've noticed a few changes on the site over the last few months. Oren Kriegel has joined our team, providing us with results and analysis from major US tournaments. He's been great about getting NABC results posted quickly, and his coverage of the 2017 USBC, especially the extensive video interviews, was particularly impressive.

Steve has continued to shirk his programming responsibilities, so we have hired a developer to help maintain and update the site. We have a long list of improvements we'd like to make, many of which have come from the community (we do keep a list of your suggestions, and now that we have the resources we're finally getting to it). We appreciate the feedback and welcome more of it. The Site Feedback Forum is there for you to make suggestions and point out bugs.

Upgrading the site is not a seamlessprocess, and there have been a few bugs over the last few months. We apologize for this and beg your patience. We're doing our best to minimize the bugs, but they are an inevitable part of the process. Please report any bugs you notice on the Site Feedback Forum or by emailing

We want to draw your attention to a few of the updates, since they are there to make your experience on the site better.

You Hold App

Wereleased our You Hold Appin April, and have been making improvements and fixing bugs. The biggest additions are Facebook/Googlelogin as well as the ability to view comments. More updates are on the way, including the ability to post comments on problems.

Flagging System

The flagging system has gotten a significant upgrade: flagging a post no longer refreshes the page, so you don't lose your new comments! We encourage you to use the flagging system liberally -- it's the only way for us to maintain the courteous tone we want the site to have. Also, as we shift more content into forums, please flag articles that belong in a particular forum (for example, the Site Feedback Forum or the Partnership Desk) and use the "other" field to suggest a move.


Our goal is to help you find the content you're interested in, both by sorting interesting content and filtering unwanted content. Forums are our mechanism for doing this. We already have a number of forums established for specializedinterests, such as the Webmasters' and Youth Bridge forums, and to get some of the clutter off the main page, such as the Site Feedback Forum and the Partnership Desk. We're planning to add more forums as we increase functionality, such as a Rulings/Laws forum.

There is a new "My Forums" module at the top of the front page. You can add your favorite forums for quick access by entering the forum and clicking the "+My Forums" button. This button will change to "-My Forums" and can then be used to remove it from My Forums. This module is still a work in progress. Eventually it will include information about new articles and comments in your forums.

To post in a forum, go to the forum and click the "New Post" button. Going to the "Create" menu at the top of the page won't work -- it will create an article on the main page rather than in the forum.

In the Partnership Desk forum, we've added the ability to delete your post, so when the tournament is over or you find that perfect partner or teammate you can take the request down.

Partial Hand Diagrams

We encourage everyone to use the hand diagram function when creating articles that include hands. We've made it easier to include partial hand diagrams (i.e., hands with fewer than 13 cards), as the "Insert Hand" wizard (the compass icon on the far right of the tools menu when editing an article) now allows partial hands.

Follow/Ignore Mouseover

We've made it easier to follow people whose content you love and ignore those you can't stand. If you hold your mouse over someone's name, you'll see the option to follow or ignore them.

We're always eager for feedback -- we do this for you, our wonderful community of bridge players. Let us know how these new features are working and any ideas for future improvements. A huge thanks to our manydonors: we wouldn't be able to do any of this without you.

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