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Can being fully ethical be unethical?

Not citing anything specific, or even recent, but another thread got me thinking.


Do you correct parnter's alert if it might mislead the opponents?


Example, you hold:






Your RHO opens 1NT.  You are playing that 2 shows either Spades, or Spades and a minor, but partner forgot this and just thought it was natural, so he doesn't alert.     The hand gets passed out.


Do you alert the opponents to your full agreement, knowing that while true, it might be deceptive?

Yes. The rules are clear. I need to correct misinformation.
No. I think it's more ethical to stay silent.
No, but after the auction, I'll mention this, so that should it come up again against this pair, they are fully informed
Other, because BW folks always like "other"

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