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Can Google's DeepMind beat the BBO Robots in 2017

As I said in my explanator video, Contract Bridge is the only popular brain-game left in which human experts beat computers. Google's DeepMind has beaten the world experts in Go, with chess, draughts and backgammon losing to computers previously (and a poker match announced yesterday)

But, bridge is a collaborative game. That's a whole different ballpark.  DeepMind could beat the human experts eventually, but how long will it take them (untrained) to beat the BBO robots? (there are other bridge robots, but it was the BBO's CEO Uday's EOY message that triggered my thoughts)

Benefits: Such a match would take DeepMind's thinking process one giant leap further, which would be very useful for solving medical and political problems later. And it would be very entertaining for the rest of us as well as switching on a public spotlight for bridge, too.

Variants of this computer versus computer would be a Swiss Match with one computer pair and one human pair (e.g. best of BBO versus best of tech), and finally 4 computer seats on one team playing 4 experts on the other. But the first step would be BBO versus Google's DeepMind (with DeepMind learning by watching rather than by rules).

Context: DeepMind research lab that developed the AlphaGo software that beat the word champion of Go. It was not programmed to play Go, but learned to play Go by observing games. This Video shows it learning to play Breakout. 

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