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Canapé jump overcalls... really?

Recently my partner and I started playing canapé jump overcalls over their minor openers to show hands with a four card major and a specific long minor.

For example, over their 1 a direct jump to 2 shows exactly four hearts and at least 5s in the 11-15 hcp range. These do come up pretty often. We like the natural feel of the CJO's, but having played them for a short time only, that's more a theoretical like then anything else.

Raptor 1NT is of course another way to show these hand types.

Might be that a very flexible takeout double approach is gaining popularity, combined with equal level conversions all the way.

Question: what is your preferred approach with these 4M5(+)m hand types, if any? 

Interested in your reasons (gains or losses from a practical viewpoint?) and especially experiences using canapé jump overcalls! Not so many people play them, I guess. So, what do you think?

flexible takeout doubles with equal level conversions all the way
raptor 1NT overcall to show hands with 4M and 5+ om
canapé jump overcall
no need to show these hand types in one bid in direct seat
something else

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