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Cedric Lorenzini Claims 2015 Player of the Year Title

Fueled by victories in two of the three toughest matchpoint events on the NABC calendar, Cedric Lorenziniis the ACBL’s 2015 Player of the Year. The Parisian is the first member from outside the U.S. to win the title and at 26 years old, he is also the youngest.

The award recognizes the player who wins the most platinum points over the course of a calendar year. Platinum points are available only in national­ly-rated events at NABCs.

Lorenzini, with 690.30 platinum points, outpaced Eric Greco, who finished second with679.97.

Lorenzini’s first-­ever NABC win was the Platinum Pairs last spring playing with ThomasBessis. He and partner Jean-Christophe Quantinfollowed that up with a victory in the von ZedtwitzLife Master Pairs in Chicago, and he led the POTY field going into the Fall NABC. He secured the race on the final day of the Denver tournament with a sixth­-place finish in theReisinger worth 80 points.

Lorenzini, who holds a doctorate in polymer chemistry, has chosen to put a career inscience on hold for the time being while he plays bridge professionally. In 2016, he will be playing with Jean-Christophe Quantinon the STREETteam (Paul Street, Nicholas L’Ecuyer, ThomasBessis, and Frédéric Volcker). As a member of the French national team, he is competing for a berth in the 2017 Bermuda Bowl.

From everyone at Bridge Winners, félicitations, Cedric!

2015 Player of the Year

Top 10

Cedric Lorenzini 690.30
Eric Greco 679.97
Zia Mahmood 635.03
Geoff Hampson 621.09
Giorgio Duboin 575.91
John Hurd 555.19
Joe Grue 550.94
Eric Rodwell 549.92
Thomas Bessis 542.21
David Berkowitz 520.18

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