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CEO is Dead, Long live the Executive Director

Well, in looking at the August Bulletin, I see that the ACBL BoD is not looking for a CEO, but now rather for an "Executive Director".  Perhaps this is a way to get a cheaper candidate who won't demand CEO-style pay.  Perhaps it's a not-so-subtle way to telling the new guy that he's there to do the board's bidding and not to think that he's in a leadership position.

In any case, I was curious to see the differences in the current search parameters vs those from the past search.  The prior one can be found in the March 2011 Bulletin, and the current ad says to check the ACBL website for a full listing.

And, of course, when I went to the ACBL website link provided in the ad, there was nothing for the Executive Director.  I wonder, do they have their candidate already picked and are just going through the motions?

Questions, questions, questions......

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