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Changing Partnership

Does it really have to be so that the players facing one another must be partners? Let's do it in such a way that the partnership may be formed by any two players as it was practised by Emperor Aurelian already in the year 270:'s%20Restitution/index.htm Bridge will become far more exciting because it will certainly be more often possible for everyone to participate in the bidding and, what's more, higher contracts will become a common occurrence. In addition, sort of by the way, almost all unnatural methods will be eliminated from the bidding which is quite convenient, isn't it?  Here go the specific rules.

I. Forming the partnership

Players become Partners the moment they find an agreed trump suit (or NT). If the same suit has been bidden by three or even four players, the Partners are those who have bidden the suit as the first and the last.

II. Repetition

It's possible to outbid by repeating the same contract, on condition we haven't bidden it earlier. (Moreover, as I postulated, it is possible to do it by bidding any suit/nt on the same level if nobody has made such a call yet.)

III. The Dummy: Who will become the Dummy?

If the Declarer has formed a partnership, then his Partner becomes the Dummy automatically. If a partnership has been formed by two players not including the Declarer, then the fourth player becomes the Dummy. In case no partnership has been formed, the Dummy is the player who has entered the auction as the first one, or, if nobody has made any call, the player facing the Declarer.

IV. Swapping places

If the Dummy is sitting not opposite to the Declarer, he must swap places with the player facing the Declarer before the first lead.

V. The score

If the Dummy is not the Declarer's partner then he is treated as one of the three Opponents, i.e. he wins or loses 1/3 of the points.

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