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Cheating and placings: a poll

There are earlier posts discussing the Elinescu-Wladow cheating scandal, with some contributors of the view that Bali was anything but the first instance of E-W's "untoward activities". Maybe The Netherlands team in the 2006 European Champion's Cup is feeling a little disgruntled...

Edgar Kaplan wrote a Bridge World editorial in the mid-late 70s where he expressed some surprise at being button-holed by players who complained bitterly about being cheated in a major event by a particular pair... and EK later saw the two pairs on the same team. He was of the view that the ACBL was not so reliable when it came to policing the game and ethical players should boycott those of whom they had the gravest of doubts. This matter still appears to be an "issue"; for quite some time Lanzarotti-Buratti had no shortage of critics and no shortage of teammates.

So what is to be done regarding wins and placings aided by cheating? Should lining up with cheating players be a risk-free event?

There is bridge precedence: In 1979 Sion-Cokin were found guilty of cheating (illegal signals) but, while being banned as a pair, the entire team (Sion-Cokin, Sontag-Weichsel, Sternberg) kept their first placing in the Men's BAM Teams.

And there is precedence in the Olympic Games.

Here we see a player lose a gold medal and second moved to first. From Wikipedia:

"Nadzeya Ostapchuk... is a Belarusian shot putter. She briefly became the Olympic Champion in 2012, but was subsequently stripped of the title for failing a drug test and the gold medal was awarded to New Zealand shot putter Valerie Adams."

Here we see an entire team lose their medal and fourth moved to third. From Wikipedia:

"Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao was stripped of a bronze medal in April 2010. Investigations by the sport's governing body (FIG) found that she was only 14 at the 2000 Games. (To be eligible the gymnastic athletes must turn 16 during the Olympic year). Dong also lost a sixth-place result in the individual floor exercises and seventh in the vault. FIG recommended the IOC take the medal back as her scores aided China in winning the team bronze. The US women's team, who had come fourth in the event, then moved up to third (bronze medal)."

So let's have a vote! For the purpose of this poll, consider what you believe to be the appropriate policy in the case of Elinescu-Wladow regarding their win in the final of the 2013 d'Orsi Trophy, assuming that the WBF is correct: the pair used illegal signals during that event.

Everyone keeps their titles and placings; the suspension is sufficient
The cheating pair only is stripped of any title
The entire team vacates their position; that placing remains vacant
The entire team vacates their position; lower placings are shunted up one
(4) applies except for KO events, where (3) will apply

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