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Cheating on BBO

I recently had this email forwarded to me :

“I have been a member for BBO for over a decade. I am a director whose duties include keeping the integrity of the game. It is obvious to me, since I started playing in the pairs games as a result of the pandemic, that rampant cheating exists. Some of the incredibly high scores as well as the most peculiar opening leads are indicative of phone communication during play. I would like to get your thoughts as well as the ethics division of the ACBL. “

As ACBL Recorder, I see these almost every day. We know that people do cheat on BBO, sad as that seems. We do everything we can to investigate, charge, and discipline those where we have sufficient evidence.

I am frustrated because emails like this are not helpful. There is only one thing that is helpful. Either go online to or email Tell us as much as you can – bbo usernames, board(s) involved, BBO game number, and whether a director was involved.

We are working as hard as we can to provide a quality product for our members, and both BBO and ACBL take cheating very seriously. But honestly, we don’t have time to respond to every cri de cœur that someone may wish to send.

Again, please – send us BBO names, game number, board number, and date. Don’t ask us about cheating. Trust me, we are against it. Also, please don’t say that “John and Mary Jones have been having very good games lately”. Frankly, without example hands, we just do not have the resources.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Robb Gordon

ACBL National Recorder

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