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Cheating Scandal in Ironman Racing:Very Similar

The NY Times has a terrific front page article today(4/8) on a major Ironman cheating scandal; there are a # of striking similarities between this scandal and the bridge ones...very interesting article

Swim.Bike.Cheat(scandal about Julie Miller, champion Ironman athlete, now disgraced and disqualified)

Some of the similarities that come to mind: 1.The crowd sourcing that uncovered the scandal(and the newer technologies that helped uncover and prove, as with the bridge scandals); 2.the difficulties in proving the accusations;3. her vigorous denials, with accusations of "conspiracies by sore losers";4. the fact that they can, years after the fact, take away her victories, but one cannot possibly replace what was lost for her competitors;

...and others.....

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