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Cheating without gaining an advantage

With all the talk about cheating, I have a hypothetical situation, and I'd like to know what you think the penalty or punishment should be.

Suppose someone, when playing Swiss teams and shuffling, always looks to give himself an Ace by mixing until an A is at the bottom of the deck, and then short-shuffling to make sure he gets it as the last card dealt.  

Assuming that this person is no greater or worse a declarer than his teammates, so there would be no advantage to getting that card vs. the teammates at the other table getting it.   And assume that their partner is unaware that this is happening, so he wouldn't be able to assume there was an ace present in partner's hand, even if he could remember which hand was actually shuffled and dealt by partner.

Is this no more than an illegal shuffle?   What should the penalty for this be?

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