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Cherry picking (B-Z)
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Lets look together at behavior of Cezary Balicky during defence of single board:

 1. He shows 4 fingers

2. He shows 3 fingers

3. He shows 5 fingers

4. Scratching right side of the chest

5. Playing with cards played on past tricks

6. Biting his hand


7. Scratching right ear

8. Scratching the head

9. Drumming fingers on the head

10. Mining in his nose


11. Putting to his mouth whatever he dug out of his nose

12. Put down his head

13. Scratching something under the table


14. Looking down right

15. Looking up right


There are many more gestures but hopefully you can see the pattern. 


There are a huge amount of gestures performed by Cezary Balicky during the single board.

Every single behaviour could be a part of partnership illegal communication.

And could be NOT. It also could be just part of nervous behavior of a person who is in a very deep stage of concentration.

He makes so many different gestures, that it is extremely easy to pick several screenshots that will looks like proof of certain hypothesis. This is why cherry picking is the wrong method in this case.

We need to reserve our judgment until a more or less systematic analysis will be performed.



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