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Childcare at Las Vegas

I just found out today that the league is not providing childcare at the Nationals.  I was told in Hawaii by Jay Whipple that there would be childcare at Nationals going forward.  When I spoke with Memphis I was told that insurance is too costly in Vegas.  I asked if I had missed an article in the Bulletin.  He said, "No, we made the decision not to publish it in the Bulletin because we didn't want to create any controversy."  I swear to you that is what the man said.  I am not going to give his name because I don't believe he was involved in the decision.  This is indescribably moronic.  I will leave it at that.  

The fact of the matter is I am caught off guard with this info.  Does anyone have a suggestion regarding childcare for my nine year old daughter?  We need help four days - Mon Tues, Wed and Thurs. 

Thanks in advance everyone!



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