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Declarer in 3N has AQ8x of diamonds in hand facing K7xxx in dummy.  The defense takes the first four tricks and leads to trick 5, at which point declarer claims nine tricks, 5 diamonds, 2 spades, 1 heart and 1 club.

These nine tricks are there for the taking, but it will be necessary to unblock diamonds (either by pitching one on the trick declarer is about to win in dummy, or playing the 8 under the K).

Before the defense says anything, dummy points out the diamonds might be 4-0.  Declarer now says "OK, I have five diamond tricks unless they are 4-0"

The defense waits a couple more seconds to see if declarer will mention unblocking, then calls the director.  When the director gets to the table, declarer repeats what he said fairly accurately and still doesn't mention the unblock.  The director doesn't see any problem.  

When the defense finally specifies the concern, declarer is indignant that of course he was going to unblock.  When asked (by the defender) why he didn't say so, even after it was clear there was a concern with his claim, he insists it isn't necessary "at this level"


How do you rule?


I'll probably write up the full deal later, but don't have time right now, and anyway I'm interested in opinions just on this information alone.  Thanks.


Edit:  This was in an ACBL Regional tournament, in case that affects anything.

Declarer gets to take 5 diamond tricks
Declarer does not get to take 5 diamond tricks
It depends on the level of the player
I need more information to give any answer

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