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"Clay" Movement

With the declining size of bridge clubs, there is the question of what movement to use with awkward numbers of tables.  Consider, for example, six tables.  A full Howell is awkward, because you play either 22 or 33 boards.  You could play a 3/4-Howell movement.  But suppose your players like a two-winner movement.  The skip is pretty annoying in a 6-table event, since you skip 16.7% of the opponents you "should" be playing.  There is a very simple solution to this problem that I have never seen used, and I am curious whether the ACBL's software even allows for it.  

You simply put a bye-stand between EACH pair of tables, so you have six tables, six bye-stands, 12 sets of boards, and 12 2-board rounds.  After each round, pairs move up one table, and boards also move up, but only by half a table (from table to bye-stand and from bye-stand to table).  Every EW pair goes around the room twice, and play 4 boards in total against each NS pair.

For larger numbers of tables, this may be undesirable since it can result in one-board rounds.  But some clubs today have pretty small games.

Has anyone seen this movement used?  Does any scoring software allow for it?

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