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CNTC Flight A - Canadian Championship

Below are all the teams entered in the CNTC flight A, This starts on Saturday May 23rd...

.... Simple Question - Who will win?

 In the comments section, It would be interesting to see how you think they will come out of the round robin, who will be 1 thru 8th? for the knockouts....

Team 1 (Combey)

Xavier Combey Éric David Fengming Chen Alain Hénault Marc Lachapelle Francois Boucher

Team 2 (Bellissimo)

Michael Yuen Larry Hicks Nancy Cook Bryan Maksymetz Gray McMullin June Pocock

Team 3 (Jotcham)

Ray Jotcham Steve Mackay Steve Cooper Morrie Kleinplatz Barry Senensky Bob Kuz

Team 4 (Sinno)

Raja Sinno Ghassan Menachi Jay Saks Baha Fahs Jeff Blond Fred Hoffer

Team 5 (Gartaganis)

Judith Gartaganis Nicholas Gartaganis Gordon Campbell Ilya Kuzkin

Team 6 (Chatagnier)

Herve Chatagnier Jean-Francois Boucher René Pelletier Carl Lévesque André Renaud Pascale Gaudreault

Team 7 (Hicks)

Karl Hicks Denis Murphy Ken Eisner Jim Kirby Kathie Macnab Bill Halliday

Team 8 (Chevalier)

Serge Chevalier Jean Castonguay Michel Beauchamp Sarko Kassabian Maryse Hambrick Michael Young

Team 9 (Angus)

Monica Angus Rock Shi Yan Yan Wang Difan Wang Edward

Team 10 (Litvack)

Irving Litvack Ian Findlay Vince Oddy Roy Dalton Marc-Andre Fourcaudot Ranald Davidson

Team 11 (Steinberg)

Jonathan Steinberg Michael Kenny Dave Colbert Mike Cafferata Ron Bishop John Duquette

Team 12 (Todd)

Bob Todd Brad Bart Neil Kimelman Douglas L. Fisher Paul Thurston Keith Balcombe

Team 13 (Hornby)

Ray Hornby Marielle Brentnall Leonard Doerksen Leigh Anne Shafer

Team 14 (Miles)

Daniel Miles Jeff Smith Daniel Korbel Darren Wolpert David Sabourin Shan Huang

Team 15 (Nisbet)

Pamela Nisbet Brenda Bryant Susie Cooper Ina Demme Julie Smith Karen Billet

Team 16 (Hanna)

Nader Hanna George Mittleman Andy Altay Les Amoils Waldemar Frukacz Piotr Klimowicz

Team 17 (L'Ecuyer)

Nick L'Ecuyer Fred Pollack Zyg Marcinski David Lindop Doug Baxter Kamel Fergani

Team 18 (Zaluski)

John Zaluski Edward Zaluski Jack Brown John Cook Martin Hunter Bill Koski

Team 19 (Martineau)

Charles Martineau Andre Chartrand Jacques Cloutier Kevin Gregoire Robert Morin Serge Hamelin

Team 1 - Combey
Team 2 - Bellissimo
Team 3 - Jotcham
Team 4 - Sinno
Team 5 - Gartaganis
Team 6 - Chatagnier
Team 7 - Hicks
Team 8 - Chevalier
Team 9 - Angus
Team 10 - Litvack
Team 11 - Steinberg
Team 12 - Todd
Team 13 - Hornby
Team 14 - Miles
Team 15 - Nisbet
Team 16 - Hanna
Team 17 - L'Ecuyer
Team 18 - Zaluski
Team 19 - Martineau

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