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Collusive cheating at regionals sectional and clubs not that serious according to BOD!

Why would the BOD make it a life time ban if you for life if you are caught collusive cheating at NABC or equal events  but the ban is not lifetime at regionals sectionals or clubs?

It may end up being a lifetime ban but it may not. Is the BOD saying at lower events we don't care because they are not winning titles?

Are they saying we don't care if you cheat at a regional/sectional or in a club because you won't be cheating pros?

Why would the new rule not be "if any players are caught collusive cheating at any ACBL event they are banned for life.

Some one make sense of this please.

Read this month bulletin presidents report  to confirm this is the rule    collusive cheating at NABC or equal events is a life time ban.

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