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Common competitive situations and follow ups

Hi all,


I am interested in your learned opinions about the following sequences and their follows ups -


1♣-(1♥)-X-(p)-1♠ (where X shows 4+♠ and 1♠ shows 3)

1♣-(1♥)-X-(p)-2♣ (where X shows 4+♠ and 2♣ denies 3)

1♣-(1♠)-X-(p)-2♣ (where X shows 4♥ and playing forcing free bids)

1♣-(1♦)-1♥-(p)-1♠ (where 1♥ shows 4+♠ and 1♠ shows 3)

1♣-(1♦)-1♥-(p)-2♣ (where 1♥ shows 4+♠ and 2♣ denies 3)


I am interested mostly in the follow ups after the last bid mentioned - for 1 level bids, do you play some sort of competitively modified xyz? or natural? how about 2 level bids?

I am also interested in your general philosophy, structure and ideas (should opener play "sys on" after 1♦ overcall because when X shows 4+♥ we really haven't lost any room?)


Thanks in advance for the sharing of knowledge (and hopefully love too)


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