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Comparable call

So I have a question about the "comparable call" rules. Today I opened "Pass" out of turn, director was summoned and explained that my LHO may accept the Pass, or let my partner (dealer) open the bidding whatever they want, in which case I will need to limit myself to comparable call. My LHO refused to accept the pass, and my partner, who was dealer opened 1 - passed to me. We play fairly standard 2/1.

What is comparable call now? (please chose all that apply)

* We would open some of these hand as weak 2/3 preempt in first seat

** It is not unheard of to open 2 with 5 card suit in our partnership

*** We open almost all 12 and some 11 HCP

Please select up to 8 choices.

forcing 1NT
2,3,3 (invitational jump shifts, fit denying without competition)*
2,3(limit raise), but not 4 (preemptive)**
2, 3 or 4
3 - unidentified splinter with 10-12 HCP ***
Any bid that includes hands you would not open
Only bids that deny all possible openings

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