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"Computer hands" questioned - and software choices

My local ACBL club recently purchased a Dealer4 dealing machine and on at least two days a week, pre-dealt hands are being used where a novice section plays the same hands as the open section with hand records made available.

Today, I stopped at our club for a few minutes and was quickly approached by one of our better players who was very unhappy due to the hands having far more voids, singletons, and long suits than normal - and he is aware that normal shuffling tends to give you flatter hands, but insists the hands played so far are clearly beyond what he's seen when using hand records at ACBL tournaments.

Is there a good way to reduce the fears of the club players who are thinking the computer program generating the random hands has gone completely mad? (I'm thinking of taking all the PBN files in the first month and doing a statistical analysis - but I'd like other suggestions on how to convince suspicious players nothing "funny" is going on.)

And what are the best computer programs for generating hands that are as close to purely random as possible? (Note that being usable by game directors who have very little computer experience is a plus.)


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