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Confused old man

Harry is 90. His only enjoyment is bridge. At his best he was probably a solid club player. As the years have gone on he has got slower, and deafer, and occasional odd lapses have crept into his game - which is, I suppose, understandable.

But last night was on a completely different level. All evening there had been noise coming from his table. “It’s your turn Harry”, “I said a Club Harry”, and so on. I can give two examples of hands played against us - and as we only played two hands that shows the extent of the problem.

Hand 1. Partner passes as Dealer. Harry is next. “It’s your turn Harry”. ”you to bid Harry”. “Dealer has passed you are second seat, it’s your turn to bid”. Eventually Harry reaches into the bidding box and bids a double. we explain this is impossible and he mutters something like “1 club”. So the bidding continues pass by me, 1 by his partner, all pass. Dummy is a 2524 shape.

Hand 2. Partner and I have a standard unopposed sequence to 3NT. LHO leads and my partner starts to put down dummy. Harry starts to put down dummy too. We explain that he is defending 3NT. “Are we playing 3NT?“ He asks. “No, you're defending“ and so it goes on For a minute or so.

Now I found the whole evening incredibly stressful - not just when we were at his table, but the constant disturbance his confusion was causing. And I think a lot of others felt the same.

Has anybody ever countered a situation like this? What can you do? Do you let him continue to unintentionally ruin everyone’s evening? Do you tell him he’s no longer allowed to play? 

Its just a tragic situation ☹️

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