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Congratulations to USA Girls Rona Cup Team

The USA Girls Team, playing for the Rona Cup in the Junior World Championships in Istanbul, has made it through the round robin and into the KO - for the first time ever! Even more impressive is that we started in last place after our first round-robin match - getting nearly blitzed, plus a time penalty, to put us at -.44 VP's. The girls fought hard with great spirit, defeating several strong teams including France, and tied China. Today we play Netherlands in the quarter-final. We start the match down 11 IMPs, carryover from the round robin, but in high spirits. We are ready to win! Congratulations to Julie Arbit,Asya Ladyzhensky, Marianna Linz, Isha Tapah, Anam Tebha, and Rebecca Wernis. Very well done!

(Ed note: Buttons copied from previous article on this event as the site is difficult to navigate.)

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