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Continuation of "First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey"

How would you feel if you sit down at the table and find yourself facing a convicted cheater who somehow found a way to escape a lifetime ban due to a technicality?

I had previously posted on BW the news about the first official cheating case in Turkey. This is the link:

The Turkish Bridge Federation board forwarded the case to the Disciplinary Committee who issued a lifetime ban to the two culprits Salim Yilankiran and Zafer Tigan.

The two guilty players appealed the decision at the highest authority in sports (called “Tahkim”) operating under the General Directorate of Sports. Tahkim investigated the case (several hours of video footage) and confirmed beyond any doubt that the above named two players were collusively cheating. However, the current Disciplinary Code was so outdated that cheating was not even mentioned. Hence, “Tahkim” was forced to reduce the lifetime ban down to only 6 months which is the usual penalty for any act of reprehensible conduct.

The 6-month penalty period expired last week and the convicted cheater sat down to play in the first available national championship. He did not even offer any private or public apologies through social media, and he even threatened to sue the Turkish Bridge Federation if his cheating videos somehow gets published on the internet.

Many players who want a clean game are obviously outraged at the unexpected turn of events and publicly protest the situation, but how to solve this dilemma?

What would YOU do?

What also makes this case different than others is the person who found guilty of cheating. He is the sponsor of the team. At this point I have to mention, among top 2 pairs of Turkey who were in his team, Suleyman Kolata and Ismail Kandemir, frequent national team players, idol of many young players that they take as an example, refused significantly high (for Turkish standards) $$$ and did not participate in his new team. But the culprit did not have hard time to find other pros to play in his team and they accepted to play as if nothing happened. This is another test for bridge community and everyone seems extremely annoyed by this. 

IF this happened in your own country;

What would YOU think about the teammates hired by the cheater?

Would you consider them as his employees? Or something else?  

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