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Continuations after opener's jump shift

This hand from Thursday's Common Game offered the sort of problem that recurs for me all the time and I have no sensible answer.

K 10 3 2

9 3

A J 9 7 6

6 4

(spots approx).

After 1 - 1 - 3 a simple raise to 4 might work but if partner bids 4 or 4 are you planning to pass or bid on? I've no idea what is right since my partner could reasonably hold a 3-6-3-1 or 3-5-4-1 or 2-6-3-2 where slam could be cold or no play.

I chose to bid 3 over 3 planning to pass 3NT or 4 but my partner bid 3. Now I knew what I wanted 4 to mean. But SHOULD it be this sort of hand or a cuebid for spades?

My partner then had to work out where to go with Axx/AKQxx/KQ10x/Q. I like his choice of 5NT -- today. But I dont think it was an underbid.

Assuming YOUR auction starts exactly this way (no strong clubs please) how would you cope?

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