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Contract Bridge Law 27 - help sought

In the absence of John Adams (away at an ACBL Regional), it looks like the responsibility of reporting the latest snafu at our local bridge clubs falls to me.

Yesterday, an auction was thus:  1NT on my left, Pass by partner, 1H(!) on my right.  Rightly or wrongly, the director was summoned.  She sought to invoke 

the old tried & perhaps (un)true option of my accepting the insufficient bid, or letting the bidder make it sufficient.  But, 1H wasn't going to be conventional

(or was it?):):), whilst 2H was going to be conventional.  What was I to do?  What are my LHO's responsibilities/constraints? And RHO, too?  Anyone care to 

weigh in here, or should I seek Horn Lake's advice?  The end result was "normal", but it just set me to thinkin' about Law 27 (and/or other Laws).

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