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Control showing at high levels: Pass vs signoff



Most will play that a XX will promise 1st round control, and that bidding higher than 4 would promise at least 2nd round control.   But Pass vs 4 would seem to have more options than we actually have room for.

You only have two bids remaining to show the following:  Extra Values with no 2nd round control, 2nd round control with minimum.   Clearly you can't do both.

1) Pass denies 2nd round control, says nothing about strength.   4 shows 2nd round control but denies enough extra to go past 4.

2) 4 says you have a bad hand, nothing about controls.   Pass shows interest, nothing about 2nd round control

3) XX with 1st or 2nd round control.  Pass is interest with no control.  Signoff no interest.

4) Please explain your method that handles better than the above


An please don't tell me that you play pass denies 2nd round control with extras and 4 is a minimum with 2nd round control.   Then you have no bid for minimum with no 2nd round control.  Yes, I know some of you actually play that.


Pass denies 2nd round control
4 is a signoff, nothing about controls
XX could be 1st or 2nd round control
I have a better method which I will explain

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