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Control-Showing Bids

Assume you play 2/1, with jump raises being limit raises.  Assume the opponents are silent.

On which of the following auctions is the last bid a control-showing bid (as opposed to a shape-showing bid or a waiting bid)?

(A) 1 3 3

(B) 1 2 3 3

(C) 1 2 3 3

(D) 1 3 3

I'm asking because I'm confused by Larry Cohen's advice, stating: "Below 3-of-your major, there are no control-bids. Above 3-of-your-major, once a fit has been found (a suit has been raised), a new suit is a control-bid (ace, king, void, or singleton)."  

I'm also unable to find the BWS treatment for this.

So, again, for which of the above auctions does the last bid in the auction show a control?

(A) Only
(B) Only
(A) and (B) Only
(A) and (D) Only
All of them, except (B)
All of them, except (C)
All of them, except (D)
All of them.
None of them
My answer is not available in the above offered options.

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