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Controversy in the Canadian Women's Championship

Note: I am a neutral observer in this, with friends on both teams. This article is an attempt to communicate the facts as given to me.

The 120-board CWTC final was contested over two days last week, with the winners to represent Canada in Poland later this year. The results:

EATON defeats SUMMERS 233-232.

Joan EATON, Karen Cumpstone, Katie Thorpe, Sondra Blank, Lesley Thomson, Ina Demme

Sylvia SUMMERS, Barbara Saltsman, Pamela Nisbet, Brenda Bryant, Hazel Wolpert, Linda Wynston

As with all very close matches, it seems there has been some checking, double checking, and checking again. On Saturday (the match finished Tuesday), the SUMMERS team contested a claim made in segment 5, which was allegedly brought to their attention by a BBO kibitzer.

This is the board in question, #14 in the Open Room:

According to the VuGraph records, West should score a trick at the end to defeat 2. However, VuGraph operating is no easy task and it's possible West pitched a club at some point instead of a heart.

To make matters more complicated, the EATON team claims board #6 in the Open room from segment 3 was also a misclaim and should have sent 12 IMPs to EATON:

And in the final segment, the VuGraph record is inconsistent on two boards: #17 Open has the play wrong - South did NOT pitch her K at the end, and the score should be +400 E/W for a push (as it was scored by both teams); and #29 Open VuGraph has the correct result (+650 E/W) but reportedly the players scored it as +680 and 1 IMP to SUMMERS.

Conditions of Contest:

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