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Convention Cards in NABC+ events

I'd like to see what I view as a simple change in procedure in top level events.

When players arrive at the table, they should be required to hand their opponent their convention card.  The expectation would be that their opponent hands it back at the end of the round.

I believe this is the procedure in some jurisdictions.  My understanding is that everything to do with convention cards is a matter of regulation, not law, so there is no way to make this universal.  Therefore, for now I am specifically requesting that the ACBL enact this procedure, and enforce it at least in NABC+ events.

When the opponents come to my table for a two board round I don't want to start asking about their system.  But if they open one of a suit, I want to know their 1NT opening range.  If they open a major, I want to know if they are doing so in a strong club context.  There are various reasons I might want to know whether they are playing Flannery.  When they interfere over my 1N opening, I might want to know not only what that bid means, but what other options they had.  And of course when I am declaring I want to see their leads and carding.

In all these cases and more, it would be fairer and would also save time if I didn't have to ask questions, or ask them to reluctantly dig their convention card out of their pocket, but if I simply had it handed to me at the beginning of the round

In yesterday's Blue Ribbon final, played behind screens, of the 26 rounds played I'd estimate only about 1/4 of the time was there a convention card readily available for me to look at.  Several times when I asked for one I had difficulty getting it (they'd lost it, handed me a blank one, took time finding it, etc.).  In one case, their partner had already opened 1 and they'd announced it could be short.  When I asked for the cc, I was told that it won't say anything else.  When I asked for it anyway, it was reluctantly dug out.  As that was happening, I explained that I wanted to see their 1N range, and I was told it was "normal". What is normal these days 15-17 or 14-16, especially when 1C can be short?

I had other issues with disclosure yesterday, which I may write about later.  At times it felt like pulling teeth to get relevant information (some of which might have been on the cc if available), in situations where the players at this level ought to have understood what was relevant and offered it readily.

Many players, when E-W in a pair game, keep their convention card in their pocket until asked for it, so that they won't leave it on the table at the end of the round.   I understand that. 

Yet if we changed to this procedure, where it was the norm to hand the cc to your screenmate/opponent, and then for them to hand it back at the end of the round, I am certain that players would quickly get used to this, and leaving one behind would be rare.  If there were actual enforcement of the rule, such that people would fear getting penalized for not having their cc, and they were still in the habit of leaving it behind, then they would need to also get in the habit of carrying around a couple of extras in their pocket.  Then there wouldn't be so many cases of "I lost it."  Woudn't this be better?

I've written before on this site about how often convention cards are incorrectly filled out. 

I have a feeling that many (most?) top level players see me as petty when it comes to this point, and as such I usually avoid making an issue about it.  However, for some reason I found it freshly annoying yesterday, and felt the need to not only vent, but see if this change could get some support. 

If convention cards aren't important, let's do away with them.  If they are, can we please make some minimal effort to get people to "do things right".

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