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Could That Be True?

Ellis F said in some thread or other that if each of the top 500 players in the world were given a piece of paper to write down who they think are cheaters at the World level, that the same 4 or 5 names would be on everyone's list

Now that is a mouthful!

And there have been statements and conjecture that it's been going onfor up to 20 years in some cases.  All I can think to say to something like this is WTF?


No offense to Ellis, who seems very sincere in all that he posts, but I am interested to know if others agree with this big statement.

It's true, and everyone (who's anyone) knows and has known for a long time.
I believe it's a gross exaggeration.
It's a figment of an overactive imagination.
It just can't be true. I refuse to believe that nothing would have been done.
I'm not anyone who is someone, so how should I know?

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