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Dear Bridgewinners,

After playing for close to ten years I am still hopeless at counting the hand (shape mainly but also points).

I am just not a natural at it and have to work so hard to do it, it takes away focus from the interesting problems. 

Perhaps 13 is just a difficult number to work with.

Using a counting game on BBO where it gives you three numbers and you have to quickly enter the fourth has helped a bit. 

There are so many thousands of bridge books on every subject and convention under the sun but I haven't come across anything on counting which is the essence of the game, except something by Klinger which didn't help very much.

I developed so many techniques to instantaneously count the pips at backgammon, I find my lack of ability at bridge counting extra frustrating. If anyone could give me some advice or post links to articles or the names of books on this subject it would be much appreciated.

Sorry to waste time for all you Bridgewinners if it is so long since you went through this and it is just natural for you and you have forgotten how you do it.


Bridgeloser, but hopefully not for too much longer.

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