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Cue Bids & Splinters & Forcing Passes: Redo

I posted the following bidding sequence and 3 follow-up questions yesterday as a general poll, not knowing that the general format only permitted one answer.  Therefore, I am trying this multiple answers format, hoping that it will permit separate answers to each of the three questions asked.   If it doesn't, there's always the "obliviate" spell available.  My wand is nearby.

The bidding sequence in question was as follows


The 1 hand showed 5+ s in a 2/1 structure.  The 3 bid was "preemptive".  The 4 bid was a high card raise to 4.  over which west bid 5.  What are your agreements regarding the pass of 5?

Apologies.  Do not remember if N/S were vulnerable or not.  E/W were not vulnerable.  I understand that vulnerability might be a factor in how the pass of 5D is interpreted.

In discussion with some friends/ some partners (some expertish, some less than expert), I found some varying opinions regarding the treatment and implications of a few of these bids, especially the pass of 5.


As per your partnership agreements:

Question #1:  Does the 4 high card raise to 4 also show a control or shortness in s?

Question #2:  Does the 4 bid set up a forcing pass situation?

Question #3:  Does a Pass by North of the 5 bid suggest/ promise shortness in s (as opposed to saying "no clear bid here over 5")?

             (Question #3 seemed to generate the most disagreement in terms of what a Pass by North over 5 implied about North's holding in s.)


Please choose up to 3 answers:  one addressing question #1, one addressing question #2, and one addressing question #3.  Please respond even if you have already responded to the initial poll.    

Thank you all for your patience, opinions, and comments.  All are sincerely appreciated.


Please select up to 3 choices.

Yes to question #1
No to question #1
Yes to question #2
No to question #2
Yes to question #3
No to question #3

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